Naturaz Styling Moisturizer


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The Naturaz Styling Moisturizer will add moisture, volume, shine and softness to your hair, scalp and all your styles. It contains Coconut Oil which is high in fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins A, C & E; Sunflower Lecithin which moisturizes and makes the hair soft and shiny and also strengthens dry, brittle hair, Jojoba Oil which is similar to the sebum produced by your scalp and is an excellent hair moisturizer and conditioner. 

Many clients have also shared that this product reduces itching and flaking and promotes hair growth.

Great for: Blow Dry/Air Dry Hot comb/Iron, Roller Sets/Flex Rods Permed/Relaxed Hair, Managing new growth, Moisturizing Scalp Maintaining Braids, Twisted Styles and Locs

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