We are Paris Hair, an unapologetically Black Owned Beauty Supply Boutique that specializes and highlights natural and organic products made from black entrepreneurs from all over the world! Black Economic Empowerment is our sole focus, which gave birth to a nationwide movement that Paris Hair has created which is called ” Operation Take Our Hair Back”.

The focus of “Operation Take Our Hair Back”, is a multifaceted approach. First; Economically Empowering our community and Black Owned Businesses! Did you know that: It’s common knowledge that in America the majority of black citizens do not share the same wealth or opportunities to establish prosperity as their white counterparts? In fact, black men and women in this country are paid average salaries of only 67% and 64%, respectively, of a white man working in the same position.

When members of black communities are not making salaries equivalent to that of their white counterparts, it makes it practically impossible to compete with others to provide for their community. This in turn allows outside businesses owned by members of other races to infiltrate black communities, giving black business owners even less of a chance to compete.

Unlike African-Americans, foreigners have many more advantages of U.S. capitalism compared to that of their homeland. And, in addition to the federal and state tax incentives for business investment available to foreigners, political stability and minimal government regulations also provides them with an advantage.

Moreover, the U.S. encourages foreign business development by offering green cards to those who invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 into the U.S. marketplace, creating at least 10 jobs. Not to mention, many foreigners obtain a substantial credit line from their homeland bank, which they use to start American based businesses. And, successful foreign business owners are more likely to provide assistance to other members of their nationality to start endeavors. The U.S. Department of Commerce encourages foreign business development and opportunities in less prosperous areas by providing [foreigners] monetary aid, opposed to issuing that same assistance to blacks that would in turn allow them to offer needed products or services in their own communities.


Before the recession, black-owned small businesses received 8.2 percent of all loan money through the Small Business Administration (SBA). That figure is now down to 1.7 percent, according to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal. The total volume of loans they are currently getting is similarly low: 2.3 percent of the roughly 54,000 doled out through the agency, down from 11 percent in 2008. Black business owners are facing other obstacles. Of the $98.2 billion that the federal government awarded in contracts to small businesses in 2012, businesses owned by black people won just 7.2 percent despite being 13 percent of the population, a fall of about 1 percent from the year before and 6.5 percent from 2010.


The second phase of “Operation Take Our Hair Back” is, Education; As a community we have accepted and been indoctrinated in to a subjugated way of life and thinking! Did you know the Target Market News and editor of the “Buying Power” report? “In 2008 black consumers had total earned income of $803 billion. We ranked 17th among the economies of the world in comparable gross national income? Did you know that by 2017, our communities buying power is projected to have reached 1.3 trillion and 1.4 trillion by 2020 (Nielson report). It`s reported that only 2 cents out of every dollar is spent on a Black Owned Business. It is also reported that, money circulates in the black community for six hours, white communities for 17 days, Jewish communities for 20 days, and Asian communities for a month. To offer perspective, were all familiar with places called, China town or Little Asia. Those are considered communities, banks, stores, supermarkets etc, we live in neighborhoods, not communities! We must change our thinking and our habits!

The third phase of “Operation Take Our Hair Back” is Commanding Respect! Did you know that people of African descent, we account for 86% of the monies that support the Beauty Supply industry? It is also reported that only 3% of advertising budgets are spent on advertising toward and for us! This is while 81 percent of blacks believe that products advertised using black media are more relevant to them, only 3 percent ($2.24 billion) of $75 billion spent on television, magazine, Internet and radio advertising was with media focused specifically on black audiences. Those actions are the very definition of disrespect and contemptuous practices and policies. That some of us comfortably accept!

Paris Hair has partnered with other Black Owned Beauty Supply Shops cross the United States and Salons. Doing this affords the Black Entrepreneurs that make natural products an opportunity to have their products exposed to a wider audience at no extra cost to them. We have given free tutorials and ALL of our product resources to entrepreneurs that contact us and want to know how they can open a beauty supply shop and the natural products that heals the community best. Other entities charge a lot of money for this service, monies that start up entrepreneurs just don`t have! We are presently developing an online seminar, where people can log on and ask questions.

In conclusion, The Circle of Money, when you buy black, Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies is able to reinvest that money back into other Black Entrepreneurs which then supports their business and families. That Entrepreneur is then able to apply that invested funding back into the community, school programs, team sponsorship’s, college scholarships, etc.

When we invest (buy) with people outside of our community, we are supporting communities outside of our own. We must learn the difference between a neighborhood and a community! Invest in yourself, BUY BLACK!!

Paris Hair