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Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies

Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies

In 2014, After viewing a segment about the Beauty Supply Industry on the Roland Martin show on TV1 News, Drew and Donna were appalled when they
learned that the Beauty Supply industry rakes in billions of dollars every year, but African Americans only own a fraction of the business within the industry.
According to the Beauty Supply Institute, The beauty supply industry generates $15 billion dollars per year whereas 96% of the customers are Black and less
than 3% have ownership within the Industry.

After thorough research, they astutely assessed that the U.S. commerce for Black haircare products was being monopolized and corralled by Asian manufacturers,
distributors and retailers so they aimed to take action by incorporating their Entrepreneurial & Finance backgrounds and within 5 months, Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies
was born.

The company’s main premise is to help remove those barriers with their movement of “Operation Take Our Hair Back” which is focused on broadening the market
share for African American entrepreneurs within manufacturing, distributing and retailing sectors for natural quality based products and accessories of people that
are not commercially marketed. In 2017, Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies has taken it one step further by interviewing these entrepreneurs on their show titled, “The Paris Hair Show”
which provides viewers with knowledge and education about the entrepreneur of why and how they got started.

Andrew and Donna’s zeal to educate the consumer about the strength of their buying power has enabled them to push the envelope when given a platform in speaking
with young students about Entrepreneurship.

Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies will be launching their own version of Shark Tank titled, “Pitch to Paris” where Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to pitch their natural hair & skin products to a panel of professionals for the chance to win a shelf space in New Jersey, Georgia and Los Angeles.

Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies will be launching their own line of natural hair and skin products by 2019.