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Hair Garden Euca Mint & Mango Punch Whipped Cleansers. Yes, we said WHIPPED CLEANSERS in a jar that cleans and moisturizes your scalp!!

Hair Garden Cleanser is a natural, low-lather cleanser that soothes and cleanses the scalp as well as clarifies and strengthens the hair. This whipped cleanser includes a special blend of tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oils to soothe, stimulate and invigorate the hair follicles and scalp without stripping the hair. Aloe vera and natural humectants seal in moisture and natural proteins and oils to strengthen and lubricate the hair shaft improving elasticity. This cleanser is excellent for those dealing with dry, itchy, flaky scalp but is good for all hair types! Also a great cleanser for locs! Clean, crisp, mint scent.

Rub the whipped cleanser between your hands and add water to create a lather. You can apply directly to hair.

EucaMint is a peppermint scent whipped cleanser that stimulates the scalp, moisturizes and cleans it at the same time

Mango Punch is a punch scented whipped cleanser that the scent alone will take you away to a caribbean paradise.  This cleanser will moisturize the scalp which helps overly dry hair while preventing breakage.

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Weight 4 oz
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Eucamint, Mango Punch


  1. Tuwua U. Woodson

    I absolutely love the ‘Hair Garden’ products. I have been using them for about 10 months, and I immediately noticed how cleansing the shampoo was and how stimulated my scalp felt after leaving it in for a few minutes. The mango conditioner smells so sweet, and it’s A great leave in conditioner! If you want to keep your hair moisturized and your natural curls to pop THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!

    • Donna Jarrett

      Thank you Tuwua for the review on the Hair Garden products. Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies loves them too. AGain, thank you for taking the time in sharing your experiences.

  2. Tuwua Woodson

    I began using these products about 10 months go, I go back and forth between weaves and being completely natural. The mint shampoo is ONE OF A KIND. Once you lather it up, and it sits on your scalp you immediately get a stimulating feeling that your scalp is being cleansed. The mango conditioner, smells so sweet and can be either rinsed out or used as a leave in conditioner. If you want a refreshed feeling of a clean scalp and a product that allows your natural curls to pop, LOOK NO FURTHER!

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