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Hair Bomb Professional 6 is excellent for all hair types and a great alternative for restoring moisture to the hair and scalp without the saturation of excess oils for the purpose of deep conditioning. Packed with 6 professional organic ingredients that are responsible for creating a better growth pattern with your hair and soothing tender scalp conditions. Lavender oil massaged daily into the scalp, has shown some promise for treating hair loss and tender scalp conditions. According to research subjects suffering from alopecia who used a variety of essential oils including lavender had more hair growth than those who didn’t use lavender for these conditions.

Ingredients: lavender essential herb & oil, black castor, neem oil, chamomile, herbal essentials, orange blossom, honey, caramel, french pink clay, blackseed, mint essential oil, mango oil, coconut oil

Product Highlights & Benefits:

  • Lavender essentials: scalp enhancer
  • Tea Tree Essential kills odor & bacteria
  • chamomile essential treats itchy scalp
  • Neem oil essential remove debris and toxins
  • burdock essential root pull out embedded soil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil root strengthener

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